2023 Recap: The First Blue Ridge Ruby Conference

"A welcoming, informative, and honestly pretty magical little couple of days Ruby Heart"

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Blue Ridge Ruby, Take One... Action!

The inaugural Blue Ridge Ruby conference took place in the historic Masonic Lodge in downtown Asheville. We ended up awarding 10 scholarship tickets, and had over 110 attendees from as far away as Germany and Mexico!

But... how did people like it?

What Did People Have to Say?

This conference has set the bar for me!
Thank you (again) to everyone and especially Jeremy Smith and Mark Locklear for a welcoming, informative, and honestly pretty magical little couple of days.
Truly a 10/10 experience. Everything went great!
...I recently attended the regional conference Blue Ridge Ruby in Asheville, NC, (which was amazing)...

The Talks

In addition to an inspirational opening talk by Jeremy Smith that set a friendly, welcoming tone for the conference, a slew of intriguing ⚡️lightning talks⚡️, and a Ruby gameshow hosted by Drew Bragg himself, there were 10 featured talks!

Enough Coverage To Beat The Band: Meet Ruby's Coverage Module

Kevin Murphy

Empathetic Pair Programming with Nonviolent Communication

Stephanie Minn

Forecasting the Future: An Intro to Machine Learning with Ruby

Landon Gray

RSpec: The Bad Parts

Caleb Hearth

Maintenance Matters: Maintaining Your Rails App and Your Sanity

Annie Kiley

Making Ruby Fast(er)

Kevin Menard

What's your type? Generating type signatures with Sorbet and Tapioca

Emily Samp

Digital Identity or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Web3

Thomas Carr

Go Pro with PORO

Ifat Ribon

How Can I Move Forward When I Don't Know Where I Want To Go?

Mo O'Connor

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