Emily Samp

Emily Samp

Emily Samp (she/her) is a Senior Developer at Shopify, where she helps improve the Ruby development experience with open-source tools like Sorbet and the Ruby Extension Pack for VS Code. She is also an organizer of WNB.rb, a virtual community for women and non-binary Ruby developers. She lives in Lawrence, KS with her husband and their pets.

A Journey Through the Sorbet Pipeline

Ruby is widely known as a dynamic programming language that encourages practices like duck typing and metaprogramming. While this can give programmers a lot of flexibility, it can also make programs hard to reason about and debug.

Enter Sorbet: a gradual type checker for Ruby. Using Sorbet, we can harness the flexibility and creativity of a dynamic language while benefiting from the safety of typing.

In this talk, we’ll learn what Sorbet is and how it works. Together, we’ll go on a journey through the Sorbet pipeline, exploring the steps Sorbet takes to add types to our Ruby code.