Emily Samp

Emily Samp

Emily Samp (she/her) is a Senior Developer at Shopify, where she helps improve the Ruby development experience with open-source tools like Sorbet and the Ruby Extension Pack for VS Code. She is also an organizer of WNB.rb, a virtual community for women and non-binary Ruby developers. She lives in Lawrence, KS with her husband and their pets.

What’s your type? Generating type signatures with Sorbet and Tapioca

You’ve likely heard of Sorbet, a gradual type checker for Ruby. Using Sorbet, developers can harness the flexibility and creativity of a dynamic language like Ruby, while also benefitting from the safety of typing.

However, in most apps, Sorbet will need some help type checking gem dependencies. This is the purpose of Tapioca, a gem that generates type signatures for other gems so they can be type checked by Sorbet.

But how does Tapioca accomplish this? In this talk, we’ll dive into the tools and techniques used by Tapioca to reflect on Ruby code, and even walk through the process of building a new feature in the Tapioca codebase!

* Title and abstract updated May 2023.